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  Doug Anderson
There are roughly 1 500 species of scorpions in the world, of which South Africa is home to about 160 species. Scorpions Alive is the ONLY website in South Africa dedicated to keeping, breeding and sometimes selling scorpions. I hope you enjoy this website and I hope you get as much joy out of keeping scorpions as I have over the years.

I have been keeping scorpions since I was 12 years old. I did a project about scorpions in Std. 4 and my research led me to The Spider Club of Southern Africa.  There was one member of the club who happened to share the same fascination I had in scorpions called Lorenzo Prendini, who is now the curator at the American Museum for Natural History. Jonathan Leeming is also an ex Spider Club of Southern Africa member. I have learnt much about scorpions from these and other members.
One scorpion in Std. 4 became around 1 500 by Std. 8. It was in Std. 8 when I started collecting and breeding reptiles as well. Only now in my 30's do I kick myself for not photographing and filming the many species I have kept and the many things I have witnessed while keeping and breeding scorpions. I have over the past few years photographed and in certain instances filmed different species of scorpion, with one view - to educate!
Scorpions are one of the hardiest creatures to roam mother earth, found in the coldest parts of the world to the hottest parts of the world and many places in between.  Most species of scorpion are resilient and therefore very easy to keep in captivity. They do well when kept in the right conditions. I hope this website helps you to see the beauty I see in these fascinating creatures!
I must mention that some species of scorpion in South Africa are protected by law, and permits are necessary to catch and keep certain species.
Scorpions almost always get killed through ignorance. Many people think that if they get stung they will die. They think that all scorpions can kill you. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, out of the 1 500 species world-wide, only about 30 have venom that can be deadly. South Africa has just one such species. South Africa also has the least deadly species.
ALL scorpions are venomous! It is just that the venom is more potent in some species than in others. People react differently to scorpion stings, much like some people are allergic to bee stings and others not. If you have an allergic reaction to bee stings I wouldn't recommend you getting stung by a scorpion!
I have been asked if I have been stung by scorpions and the truth is, yes, I have. Most of the time it was out of stupidity. Thankfully, I haven't been stung by any dangerously venomous species, not to say I haven't kept lethal species. I think that it is because I knew that these species had the ability to kill me if I got stung that I paid more attention when dealing with them, and gave them more respect.
This website contains information, pictures and videos of scorpions I have kept, and in certain instances, bred. I hope my experience helps you in your venture into the world of Arachnology!